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    We are a global brand office that cares about its co-workers and sees to it that their development is ensured.
  • Why CIRA SAS ?
    Our goal is to ensure continuously high standards of work in terms of studies, consulting and assistance to the Contracting Authorities.

Our HR policy

Ever since its foundation in 1991, CIRA SAS has acquired renown in the areas of study and consulting and in the process became unique reference in above-mentioned areas.

The success of CIRA lies on the dedication of the company to the success of its customers and employees... 


CIRA SAS has a significant need in terms of recruitment. The implementation of a cooptation process maintained by experienced employees through recommending profiles they know.

For any newly hired staff members, a personalized integration course is defined and implemented, rolling out in a professional setting along with numerous exchanges.

Performance Management

Performance management system is on the one hand, based on a fair and balanced evaluation and on the other hand, result and contribution-oriented.

Performance measuring is done through the setting of challenging but realistic goals, end-of-year assessment of which is done during personalized interviews between an employee and its line manager.

Career and Talent Management

CIRA SAS has defined and implemented a career management system based on the classification of employees into categories according to their education degrees, experience levels and aptitudes.

Each category is subdivided into several grades. A worker is placed in a grade after a 6-month probationary period. Positioning in a given grade is based on a grade classification system sheet presenting the technical skills required for such grade.


A training plan is annually drawn up following skills assessment, which concerns all the company structures.

Training modules adapted to company activities and values (project management, planning, technical tools of design etc...) are determined.

CIRA SAS values ​​its employees by offering them the opportunity to become internal trainers.



We have the required ability and resources to enable quickly gain competencies while guaranteeing best possible working conditions.

Job Opportunities

No job vacancy for the time being.

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